Policies and Positions

Kelly Otte is a passionate champion for this community. She has worked tirelessly in the nonprofit and business sectors, and she is excited to bring her experience, tenacity and heart for social change to the Leon County Commission.

Here is an overview of Kelly’s position on some of the key issues facing Leon County today:

Opportunity for All: “Thriving small businesses, economic development, and job creation are vitally important to helping people find a way out of poverty and giving them a chance to live safe, dignified, productive, and creative lives. Leon County must focus on attracting businesses that have the greatest willingness and ability to pay living wages.”

Reducing Crime and Gun Violence: “I see our issues with crime and gun violence as a symptom of people feeling disconnected and disenfranchised from each other and from the community at large. Public safety is extremely important and will be a cornerstone of my work as a Commissioner, but locking people up for issues that could have been addressed by prevention programs is a failure for our community.”

Growth Management: “Smart development is the key to balancing our county’s natural beauty with the needs of our growing population. I support individual property rights, however, we must also be forward-thinkers who consider what’s in the County’s best interest today and 30 years into the future. It’s local government’s obligation to protect our natural resources for generations to come.”

Transparency and Access: “County Commissioners work for the people of Leon County. I believe our overarching responsibility is to be laser-focused on making sure that the people can be heard.”

Healthcare: “I support increasing funding for, and streamlining, the county’s Primary Healthcare Program.  Not only does the program run out of money each year, but the paperwork is burdensome and I would like to see if there’s a way to make that less complicated.”

Elder Care: “Addressing the lack of affordable assisted living and nursing home facilities in our area is critical. I witnessed my father, a hardworking, caring, and strong man being passed back and forth from hospital to rehab hospitals because of the lack of affordable assisted living and nursing home facilities in our area.”

LGBTQ+ Rights: “I believe unequivocally in the right for LGBTQ+ people to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives with all of the rights and protections anyone else has. My commitment to equality for LGBTQ+ people is very personal and I will fight every day for a world that is 100% affirming.”

Nonprofits: “It takes all three sectors – government, business and nonprofit – to provide the quality of life that our citizens need to thrive. I want to make sure we highlight the contributions and services that the nonprofit sector brings to the companies that we hope to attract to do business here. The nonprofit sector cannot only be viewed for the good services it provides. It must also be viewed as a strong economic driver whose leaders deserve a seat at decision-making tables.”

Equine Tourism & Collaboration: “Equine tourism in Leon County includes everything from the Red Hills Horse Trials to Leon County Horseman Association Events to privately owned farm shows and events. The trails on our greenways and in surrounding state parks make up some of the most beautiful horse trails within hundreds of miles. I commit to increasing the awareness of Leon County as an equine tourism destination; to encourage the creation of a  community arena with overnight horse boarding and RV parking; to work to create some single use purpose trails (or days restricted to horses), like the bike trails in development now; and to increase communication and collaboration among the diverse groups involved with horses in Leon County.”


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Kelly Otte for Leon County Commission, At Large Group 1.