Welcome Friends!

I’m excited to have the opportunity to assume greater responsibility and elevate my service to our beautiful community. I’ve called Leon County home since 1996 and I have devoted myself to serving the people of this county in a multitude of ways. I purposefully chose to run for the at large seat because I want to represent, and be accountable to, all of the citizens of Leon County. We have to be a community that listens to people about what they need to succeed and feel safe rather than deciding what’s best for them.

I am running to help build a community that works for everyone. I envision a Leon County community that is truly inclusive, that thrives on locally and minority owned businesses and a community that supports sustainable development and smart economic growth by investing in our community members who need it most, first.

Through my career I’ve learned how to really listen to each and every voice and believe my greatest ability is in knowing how to bring those voices together to create meaningful changes. I am excited about the opportunity to lead and bring people together to create conversation and policies that reflect the best interests of all of us in Leon County.

I’m looking forward to your support as we campaign to win!

– Kelly

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